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Random Home quotes

Quote by Casey Stengel

Managing is getting paid for home runs that someone else hits.

Random Humor quotes

Quote by John Zorn

I have wit in my work and a sense of humor, but I do not use irony in any way.

Random Hope quotes

Quote by Aung San Suu Kyi

I do protect human rights, and I hope I shall always be looked up as a champion of human rights.

Random History quotes

Quote by Frank Luntz

I have seen how effective language attached to policies that are mainstream and delivered by people who are passionate and effective can change the course of history.

Random Happiness quotes

Quote by Emily Blunt

When you're in love, you're so happy that you want to tell people about it. But now I have to censor myself. You need to protect the happiness you have.

Random Health quotes

Quote by Larry Page

If your access to health care involves your leaving work and driving somewhere and parking and waiting for a long time, that's not going to promote healthiness.