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      Q: Do you offer advertising sposts on

      A: No we don't at this moment.

      Q: Can I submit my own quote?

      A: Yes you can but prior that you need to create an account at

      Q: How can I share quotes from among my friends?

      A: You are free to use and share quotes from they belong to their authors and not to Every single quote is marked with an ID and if you like to share it just click on facebook button at the end of quotation.

      Q: Can I copy qoutes from and use on my own domain?

      A: Yes you are free to do.

      Q: Do you offer any tool that we can use to show random quotes from at our own domains/sites?

      A: We are developing our own API once done you will be able to use random quotations from and show them on your site. Format that will be availalbe: iframe, json and XML.