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Random Dreams quotes

Quote by Julian Castro

My mother dreamed dreams for Joaquin and for me long before we could dream them for ourselves.

Random Diet quotes

Quote by Holly Madison

I like food too much to go on some crazy diet. French fries are my favorite downfall.

Random Dating quotes

Quote by Jason Schwartzman

I don't know the first real thing about the dating game. I don't know how to talk to a specific person and connect. I just think you have to go to person by person and do the best you can with people in general.

Random Dad quotes

Quote by Shia LaBeouf

I don't know, I just want to be happy. I could be in a hole somewhere. Or I could completely lose it and be some hippy living in the woods with my dad.

Random Design quotes

Quote by John Romero

You have to design and program differently. Combat action in an MMO is so different to combat in a first-person shooter.

Random Death quotes

Quote by Enya

I have had death threats from people with fixations.