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Random Amazing quotes

Quote by Allyson Felix

I grew up in a Christian home with amazing parents.

Random Age quotes

Quote by Luciano Pavarotti

If children are not introduced to music at an early age, I believe something fundamental is actually being taken from them.

Random Attitude quotes

Quote by Brit Hume

Fairness is not an attitude. It's a professional skill that must be developed and exercised.

Random Anger quotes

Quote by Tim Gunn

Take the high road. No matter how much strife, and consternation, frustration and anger you might be confronted with - don't go to that level.

Random Architecture quotes

Quote by Michael Ende

No architect troubled to design houses that suited people who were to live in them, because that would have meant building a whole range of different houses. It was far cheaper and, above all, timesaving to make them identical.

Random Anniversary quotes

Quote by E W Howe

Never tell a secret to a bride or a groom; wait until they have been married longer.

Random Alone quotes

Quote by John F Kennedy

I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered at the White House - with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.